A few years ago at the Cy Twombly Gallery in Houston, a woman was found staring at the gigantic plumes of color which dominate the right panel of the largest painting in the gallery. She was naked. The gallery politely asked her to get dressed, and after she did, she made sure to sign the guestbook on her way out the door. She wrote simply, "the painting makes me want to run naked."  The Painting Makes Me Want to Run Naked was commissioned in 2010 by Da Camera of Houston for performance in the Cy Twombly Gallery.  Inspired by Twombly’s enormous untitled painting, the work is a musical depiction of the colors, forms, and textures filling this sprawling canvas, and the performers, in addition to playing their instruments, whisper the almost illegible text scrawled in several places throughout the painting.

Instrumentation: trombone, cello, and contrabass

Duration: ca. 5 minutes

Year composed: 2010

Ben Zilber, trombone

Eva Lymenstull, cello

Annabella Leslie, contrabass